Silver Needles White Tea - 50 grams tin


  • Silver Needles White Tea - 50 grams tin
  • Silver Needles White Tea - 50 grams tin
  • Silver Needles White Tea - 50 grams tin

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Special. Elitist. Delicious.

Definitely  not for gulping down !


From the Mang Bai Organic Plantation - 1850 metres high - on the Yunnan Burma border. Pristine countryside. And this white tea is also truly pristine.

I love tea. I love my Rwandan tea when I wake up. Yes, I drink a lot of flavoury robust Rwanda or malty Portsea Breakfast.

But come mid afternoon I often indulge in 'me time'. Time to have a break. In other words, time for an exquisite light tasting tea. Darjeeling....or a Chinese tea. And it doesn't come better than this white tea. Unlike many white teas, this one is truly flavoury. Each successive brew brings out different notes. Peachy. Nutty. It has everything.

And of course at Bespoke Tea Company we don't blend in any other cheaper teas. This is the pure unadulterated real deal - white tips only.. When I worked for really  large multinational tea firms in the past, we used to mix a lot of cheaper teas in with white tea. Same with the  Darjeeling and other high end blends. A practice that really used to upset me. But at BTC we are all about pure premium teas.

As with all white and green teas, please be very careful when preparing this tea. DO NOT use boiling water. Water at above 80 degrees Celsius will render the liquor bitter. 70 to 75 degrees is ideal. And brew it 5,6, 7 or more times. But drain the pot/cafetiere/gaiwan fully in between brews so that the leaves do not brew continuously.

Our white tea has a gorgeous aroma and taste. The tea leaves are unbelievably soft to the touch - like felt.   

We're very proud to be able to offer this tea to you. Savour. Enjoy. Take some 'me time' out mid afternoon. Or after dinner and share with friends and family.


NEW TO CHINESE HIGH END TEAS ? If you are new to specialty Chinese teas, a little bit nervous about them, unsure, or if you simply want to know more about them, arrange for a tea party class. Tony would love to 'introduce' you to these exquisite teas. And show you how to enjoy them at their best.    email or call 0466247165.

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